Global market research firm BARE International recently earned its 20th consecutive certification by the Business Enterprise National Council. CEO Dale Bare shares, “We have an amazing tenure of employees, so it makes us very happy to know that we have created a workplace that is appealing to people, and they want to work for BARE.”


In honor of International Women’s Day, BARE International celebrates the women leaders who are make a significant impact in the business world. Women leaders bring a unique perspective to the table, which is vital in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

Dale Bare has been the CEO of BARE International for over 35 years. “Dale is the backbone of operations, handling the finances—especially challenging as we expanded into foreign markets—staffing, HR, facilities, and all functions essential to keeping the business running smoothly,” shared Mike Bare, President.

WBENC’s national standard of certification is a meticulous process including an in-depth review of the business and site inspection. The certification process is designed to confirm the business is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by a woman or women.

At BARE, we recognize the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We are proud to have several exceptional women leaders – Global Department Leaders, including our Chief Financial Officer Maggie Dorfman, and General Managers – within our organization who are driving our success. They bring a collaborative and empathetic approach to leadership, which leads to better communication, increased innovation, and improved problem-solving.

“We know we are where we are because of the talent and dedication that supports us,” stated Dale. “All work must be carried out with three basic ideals in mind: quality, innovation and passion.”

Our female leaders at BARE have proven time and time again that they are capable of leading successful businesses. They have strong multitasking skills, are focused on building relationships, and creating a positive work environment. We appreciate their dedication and contributions to our organization, and we are committed to supporting their continued growth and development.

On this International Women’s Day, we want to thank all the women who are making a difference in the business world. We celebrate your achievements and are committed to supporting your continued success.

About BARE International

BARE International’s pursuit of excellent experience originated in the United States in 1987; for more than 30 years, BARE’s customer experience solutions have served the world through its branches in 10 countries. In 2006, BARE officially entered the China market and gradually completed the customers' experience with innovative solutions. BARE’s solutions cover all touchpoints and channels and focus on all dimensions of customer experience; providing visual reports and in-depth business intelligence reports to present the results & findings; ultimately helping brands implement and optimize highly customized customer experience solutions.

We, at BARE, believe every experience is worth being seen. Whether it is the speeding excitement brought by racing or the refreshing floral fragrance from the flower shop on the street corner. Every experience that can participate in it, including brands, products, services, and even life experiences, BARE has the ability to start from professional experience design, through cutting-edge technology and leading industry experience, to create a new dual extreme experience of sensory and rational levels.

To learn more about BARE International’s customer experience research services and their dedicated field force of evaluators, visit https://en.bareinternational.com.cn.

About WBENC: Founded in 1997, WBENC is the nation’s leader in women’s business development and the leading third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women, with more than 13,000 certified Women’s Business Enterprises, 14 national Regional Partner Organizations, and over 300 Corporate Members. More than 1,000 corporations representing America’s most prestigious brands as well as many states, cities, and other entities accept WBENC certification. For more information, visit https://www.wbenc.org