We all live in a modern era. People generally prefer to use cloud storage and digital technology in their day to day life. Gathering information on paper forms can be simpler compared to the usability and speed of the mobile audit application.

Also, using paper forms may be too complicated and disorganized. It can take a lot of time to search, which may be very frustrating to employees. To make it more efficient and quick, mobile auditing helps in inspection in an organized manner.



Using paper forms to work may be a time-consuming way; instead of that, laptops and desktops can be more efficient. But, there is a higher possibility that you won’t be carrying your laptop or desktop with you every time. Considering that case, a mobile application is built for inspection because mobile phones are portable, and used by almost everyone. A mobile application for auditing and inspection can bring more productivity and minimize the consumable time.


A smartphone can be useful to gather information anywhere and anytime. The following are several points that mention the benefits of mobile inspection and auditing:

  • Easy to Use: Mobile auditing is performed on a mobile application that has user-friendly software.
  • On-Demand Access: Users don’t have to search for data at several places and spreadsheets.
  • Checklists: Preloaded checklists and forms related to marketing and products are available. These templates make it easier for employees to work.
  • Work From the App: Companies can assign tasks to employees and keep track of their actions and progress.
  • Connect the Field to the Office: Since mobile phones are easy to carry anywhere, an employee can update the fieldwork on the mobile application from anywhere at any time.
  • Capture Images: A person can also capture the image of the work’s confirmation.


During this pandemic situation, companies may be worried about the safety of employees. Industries such as healthcare, transportation, and food production need inspections and audits in weekly intervals. Mobile auditing application provides various checklists and forms for:

  • Washing and sanitizing workspaces
  • Intake forms (screen clients before entering the site)
  • Safety and hygiene audits
  • Vendor inspection forms

BARE-IFY has hospitality audits for COVID-19, so it allows a company in tracking activities to be 100% sure about a safer workspace. There will be higher possibilities that post-COVID consumers will only buy from brands that are concerned about safety and hygiene.


BARE-IFY powered by Pulse Tech is the technology that resolves all the challenges faced by a company in inspecting, auditing, and storing the data. It is a user-friendly platform that your work team can easily access. It has the following benefits:

  • This mobile audit application allows a store or office team to start inspection immediately.
  • It has preloaded checklists. These are necessary for a business (however, it also allows users to customize the checklists). The preloaded checklists contain forms for Covid-19, infrastructure, visual merchandising, marketing, and products.
  • It allows the user to select the industry type such as automobile, retail, medical, banking, etc. It reduces the time complexity. This simply means the work which needs an hour to complete can be easily done within a few minutes.
  • It allows you to assign and track various tasks for your employees. Assigning tasks in just a few clicks can reduce the time, and tracking their activity enhances productivity. BARE-IFY makes the company’s environment more efficient and enjoyable.
  • It allows you to assign major actions to the employees. “The more the actions completed, the more will be the improvement in sales and performance.”
  • It has an advanced dashboard for data analytics.

The features of BARE-IFY that always make it a front runner are:

  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Action tracking
  • Scale/ Efficiency
  • Accountability

The BARE-IFY mobile audit application should be considered as a replacement for paper forms. It has an effective dashboard that provides accurate information. It maintains the data in an organized way. BARE-IFY is easy to set up, accountable, cost-efficient, and highly configurable. You can customize your forms and dashboard. If your business needs to be more efficient, then BARE can help you to do so.