Go! China’s Dream Team!

Last Friday, China office received a special gift from one of our clients, Kantar TNS, all the way from London, UK. It was a simple card saying “THANK YOU DREAM TEAM” and a “Thank-you” cake, but the meaning and sincerity behind this was neither simple nor easy.

Imagine searching for and finding a cake-delivery vendor in a country that you do not have much understanding of, in terms of culture or language. Well, that’s what our client – Kantar TNS – did, just to reward our efforts in the recent HSBC audit project in Hong Kong, China.

This is the first time BARE China partner with Kantar TNS UK directly, and the reason why the client wants to express their “thank-you” in such a touching way is also simple (but not easy to achieve) – we WOWed them.

For this pilot project planned to be finished in 5 weeks, our KAM – Lock Chen – devoted extra time and energy to finish it ahead of time in less than 4 weeks with good results. Throughout the project, Lock went above and beyond to try to provide solutions that exceeded the client’s expectations or requests. There were days when Lock left the office after 11pm, and also times when Lock and the Operations Director ST Chong frequently exchanged ideas even during vacations. For data quality checks, Kristen (DQ Team Leader) coordinated and Caroline (DQ Specialist) devoted extra time to ensure the reports were of tip top quality.

All these efforts have been remembered and rewarded. Not just from a cake and a card, but also from the understanding and cooperation of the whole team and the client.

There is still much work to be done before we are able to devote ourselves in providing services beyond the client’s expectations every single time, but this is a testament of our progress and we will take this as a motivation to continue to strive for excellence.