Actions Considered as Fraudulent


Having Multiple Shopper Accounts

At all time, we only allow one evaluator account per person. Creating multiple accounts is considered as cheating and fraudulent activity; we will deactivate all your accounts once we found out.

Evaluation assigned to you should not DONE by anyone else!

An evaluation/ shop assigned to you/ your account has to be completed ONLY by you. You are not allowed to share your account with someone else, or ask someone else to complete a visit on your behalf. If we detected dishonest activity, we will exclude the shop and deactivate your account. Remember, there are always ways to find out more

Revealing your identity

Revealing your identity as a mystery shopper during an evaluation is strictly prohibited. Under all circumstances, you should never ever reveal your identity even if you are asked by the staff during the visit

Claiming a refund for a reimbursement audit

Claiming a refund, for a purchase visit is strictly not allowed, unless it is instructed by BARE in writing. All purchase receipts are checked by the clients

Scenario breach

Every Evaluator has to strictly follow the scenario step by step as mentioned in the evaluator guidelines.

Some examples of scenario breach:

(a) If you were to visit the shop alone, but you brought a friend along

(b) Complete the shop by checking a different product than the assigned one

Provide FAKE data

Evaluator should provide all relevant information based on the real visit experience.

Some examples of fake data:

(a) The POVs (storefront photos, photo of the receipts) are being edited

(b) The audio recording was being edited

(c) Evaluator filled in bias/ negative comments due to some personal issue with the staff and etc

Shoppers changing the demographics

Evaluators are not allowed to fake your personal information i.e. date of birth, gender, first name, last name, and your location.

Remember, we deserve all RIGHTS to deactivate your accounts and to not pay for the visits if we detected fraudulent activity.