BARE International global presence expands under collaborative partnership with Vietnam-based firm SOI.Pro

Vietnam-based market research firm SOI.Pro selected BARE International, a global customer experience research company, to exchange insights and apply international standards to customer experience research.

BARE International (BARE) announced a new partnership with SOI.Pro, a market research company based in Vietnam with 10 years of experience in the field of consulting, evaluating, and improving the customer experience for businesses. This partnership allows BARE to support SOI.Pro with their global clients, with SOI.Pro providing an opportunity for BARE to grow and support specific market-based clients in Vietnam.

"We at BARE International always look for opportunities to grow, and we thrive for continued success and excellence,” says Aviraj Puri, Regional Director for BARE India and Singapore.

“This strategic partnership with SOI.Pro further supports BARE International's vision of becoming a worldwide customer experience leader. We are thrilled to expand our business and enter the Vietnam market with SOI.Pro and are positive that this partnership will only help both companies achieve increased market efficiencies.”

Ensuring consistent experiences throughout the customer journey, monitoring employee compliance, surveying customers, and listening to customer feedback are all important steps to creating a great user experience at every touchpoint, across every platform.

“This is why SOI.Pro signed a partnership with BARE International,” shares a SOI.Pro representative. “[They are] an organization with 35 years of providing market survey and customer experience enhancement services in nearly 200 countries around the world and can support Vietnamese businesses, improve the experience, and keep up with international trends.”

About BARE International

BARE International’s pursuit of excellent experience originated in the United States in 1987; for more than 30 years, BARE’s customer experience solutions have served the world through its branches in 10 countries. In 2006, BARE officially entered the China market and gradually completed the customers experience innovative solutions. BARE’s solutions covering all touchpoints and channels and focusing on all dimensions of customer experience; providing visual reports and in-depth business intelligence reports to present the results & findings; ultimately helping brands implement and optimize highly customized customer experience solutions.

We, at BARE, believe every experience is worth being seen. Whether it is the speeding excitement brought by racing or the refreshing floral fragrance from the flower shop on the street corner. Every experience that can participate in it, including brands, products, services, and even life experiences, BARE has the ability to start from professional experience design, through cutting-edge technology and leading industry experience, to create a new dual extreme experience of sensory and rational levels.

To learn more about BARE International’s customer experience research services and their dedicated field force of evaluators, visit

About SOI.Pro

SOI.Pro is a Vietnam-based market research firm that partners with many customer-centric Vietnam businesses and specializes in customer experience. SOI. Pro helps improve customer service quality, contributing to the sustainable growth of the business. They are a member of the Mystery Shopping Professional Association - Asia Pacific region and earned ‘Top 10 Vietnamese Brands for the Customer’s Rights’ in 2022. Additionally, SOI.Pro has earned Outstanding Enterprises of Hanoi back-to-back years. To read more about SOI.Pro, visit