CEO and Co-Founder Dale Bare stated, “Our new logo showcases our ability to lead and consult our client partners on a path towards experience excellence.”

Founded in 1987, BARE International, or BARE, was born from the need for guest experience insights across multiple hospitality clients. BARE’s new logo and slogan represents a renewed commitment to client partnerships, actionable insights, and creative solutions across various industries worldwide.

“Every client we partner with has a unique need, and it’s up to us to help discover the gap and provide solutions,” said Jason Bare, Global Vice President. “The new logo demonstrates that we’re on that discovery journey together. It’s not enough to supply data; the results-based consulting we provide to close the loop is the true game changer.”

Over the last 35 years, BARE’s portfolio of solutions has grown beyond mystery shopping. The mobile era added new app-based tools such as the BARE-IFY Audit app and an exclusive partnership with MobieTrain, an app designed for employee training and engagement. Within the last 48 months, the most in demand services included online reputation and social media monitoring, Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) experience audits, and sentiment analysis.

“We are always creating new, innovative ways to help our clients succeed,” stated President and Co-Founder Michael Bare. “We believe that what we did yesterday, we shouldn’t be doing today and won’t be doing tomorrow. Change is constant, and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt, grow, and lead the way into the future.”

Updated elements of BARE’s brand evolution include:

  • New Logo and Icon: BARE International utilizes a globe in the lower part of the subtle ‘B’ shape to showcase the global support and capabilities available to client partners, with international opportunities for independent contractors. Local and regional clients benefit from best-in-class methodologies learned from BARE’s 35 years of international experience combined with localized program details. Therefore, the bar graph increases along the accented path, representing the route to experience excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • New Brand Purpose Statement: Discover the Path to Experience Excellence.

“Our clients are true partners in business, and we share their goals,” added Dale Bare. “We recognize that each client has a unique path based on their needs in that moment of time, and we’re here to provide guidance through meaningful insight collection and analysis.”

About BARE International

BARE International’s pursuit of excellent experience originated in the United States in 1987; for more than 30 years, BARE’s customer experience solutions have served the world through its branches in 10 countries. In 2006, BARE officially entered the China market and gradually completed the customers experience innovative solutions. BARE’s solutions covering all touchpoints and channels and focusing on all dimensions of customer experience; providing visual reports and in-depth business intelligence reports to present the results & findings; ultimately helping brands implement and optimize highly customized customer experience solutions.

We, at BARE, believe every experience is worth being seen. Whether it is the speeding excitement brought by racing or the refreshing floral fragrance from the flower shop on the street corner. Every experience that can participate in it, including brands, products, services, and even life experiences, BARE has the ability to start from professional experience design, through cutting-edge technology and leading industry experience, to create a new dual extreme experience of sensory and rational levels.

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