2022 Global Consumer Trends in the CX World (Part-I)

With global supply chain issues and labor shortages, the challenges CX leaders will face in 2022 are unlike what they’ve ever faced before – the goal is still to attract and retain customers, standing proud above your competitors – but the landscape has changed.

So have the solutions.

A Letter from your customers

It’s been a time of change - and we’ve been thinking about what we value most.

With the economy how it is, our money means less, meaning the things we buy from you – travel tickets, food, insurance – have to mean more.

We’ve been loyal for a long time. But we know now that loyalty to companies doesn’t necessarily mean we’re rewarded. In fact, it’s easier than ever to switch the brands we use – so you’re going to have to do better to impress us.

You might be offering me the usual – the expected. But our expectations are greater now. we deserve to be heard, and to have our voice make a difference. We need you to step up.

We’re tired of having to put up with bad service just because. We’re over needing to jump through hoops for the basic right to be treated like a person. We’re fed up with being expected to tolerate low-quality products and services. We want better. We demand better.

Our demands are:

+ To be heard, and for our voices to change how things are done

+ To feel like a person, instead of a number on a balance sheet

+ To interact with you in the ways we prefer

+ To feel like we’re getting our money’s worth, instead of accepting what we have to

Our experience has to be better and either you’re on board, or we’re out.

Yours (for now),

Your customers


Qualtrics XM Institute spoke to 23,000 people around the world to understand how satisfied they were with the companies they buy from. As well as showing what the experience looks like, our report highlights key areas companies can focus on in 2022 to have the biggest impact on their consumers and business.

Their message was clear: they want and demand better experiences, or they’ll go elsewhere.

Explore the Qualtrics 2022 Consumer Trends Report to find out how consumer behavior and preferences will change in the year ahead and what you can do to attract and retain customers moving forward.


Customers have had enough, and they’re willing to walk

Bad experiences are costing business some $4.7 trillion in consumer spending every year globally, as customers refuse to spend money with business that don’t meet their expectations.

As the cost of switching trends toward zero, they know that if one company doesn’t give them what they need, it costs nothing to switch to someone that will.

As consumers weed out businesses that tolerate bad experiences, the risk for those that miss the mark is huge. And the opportunity for those that get it rights is even greater.

Consumers are:

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